2024, a special adventure

One adventure, three relays

adventurous souls

31 July to 6 August

6 days of paddling in total autonomy on a Loire river that will seem wilder than ever.
Your bags? Your tents? Your meals? They will be with you, in the boats. It’s time to taste freedom: the freedom to simply be yourself in the heart of nature. You will be the actors of your adventure, setting up your meal breaks and bivouacs in magical places.

adventurers by day, queens by night

6 to 11 August

5 days of paddling on the royal Loire.
During the day, you will experience the joys of an adventure in complete autonomy: you will not be expected anywhere to enjoy the lunch you will have brought with you that morning. But as soon as the sun goes down, you will be welcomed like queens on bivouacs, set up by our team, which will have (almost) the same comfort as the castles around you!

The adventure 10.000 stars

11 to 15 August

4 days of paddling on the Loire.
4 days during which our logistics team will be at your service at each of your stops on the banks of the river, at lunchtime and in the evening. After long days of paddling, you will have the pleasure of finding a bivouac set up by our team, ready to welcome you for a good meal and a sweet night of rest.

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